Sunday, 22/04/2018 -
Constructive consultancy
To certificate of load-bearing capacity

According to the Circular No. 16/2008/TT-BXD dated 11 September 2008, specified that all works must be performed to inspect the conformity of load-bearing capacity in order to prevent problems for people, property and the environment; For other building projects, certify the conformity of quality of its will be executed when the investor, the Insurer…or State management organization had been requested.

We have certified the conformity of load- bearing capacity for many works.

We have enough ability to practice in accordance with stipulation in order to perform the inspect the conformity of load-bearing capacity of works quickly in spite of the certification of execution in any stages of the processing of building.


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  • We have enough ability to practice in accordance with the Circular No. 22/2009/TT-BXD dated 06 July 2009;
  • Certificate of SICO is considered as the legal proof on the safety of building by State management organization;
  • With a large number of engineers and experts, we will complete the certification in a short time;
  • In addition to the load-bearing safety certification, we also participated in many projects with function as: design, supervision, inspection the quality of construction so our experience in this field will help you in the certification process;
  • We also help you find all signs of building not achieve the quality according to current build standards and propose solution of overcome.
  • Also, SICO can deploy more other specialized skill solutions based on the specific situations.