Monday, 19/03/2018 -
Constructive consultancy

Our service of Constructive consultancy consist of:

- Certify the quality of construction works and inspect the conformity of load-bearing capacity of the project.

- Design: SICO accepts design construction of civil and industrial include house/office, hotel, hospital, shool, warehouse, environment treatment system for enterprises.

- Supervision: SICO accepts the supervision of construction project, consist of:

             + Construction of civil and industrial: house/office, hotel, hospital, shool, warehouse, installation of machinery/equipment.

             + Traffic, irrigation structure: Road, bridge, detention basin.

- Consultancy for treatment about accident with regard to structure.

- Assessment of condition / Quality of construction works.

- Appraisal of design and general estimation of works.

- Project management consultancy.

- Appraisal of Real estate and construction works.