Monday, 19/03/2018 -
Inspection of damage disputing
SICO provides surveying services for works/houses damaged by the construction Adjacent Works with the following purposes:

  • To settle a dispute between two party: Injured and injurer.
  • According to request for survey by Court or other legal bodies.

  1. 38 Tran Quoc Toan Court - Da Nang
  2. Court - 179 Le Duan - Da Nang
  3. Court - Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh Dinh Phuong Trinh

Investigate the problem, collect evidences from concerned parties:

  • SICO will discuss or take witness’s testimony on site for:
  • Investigate, collect evidences of properties damaged; developments of loss; and other informations as place of loss, weather condition, …
  • For construction works, SICO collects evidences of execution solutions, construction log…to define the cause of loss.


Survey the condition and extent of loss:

To define the plan of repair and cause of loss, we record the condition of damage on site as well as traces on the scene in SICO’s report. Depending on damaged properties, SICO will have difference methods, including:

  • To record the scene exactly,
  • For construction of damaged:
  • Measure/draw damaged properties in detail, checking the length/width as well as position of cracks for assess the damage, cause of loss,
  • To record its position with surround works,
  • Observe the decline, settlement of works,
  • Sampling and testing to determine the geologic structure, strength concrete, steel content,


Draw/Statistic the condition of damage on computer and assess the extent of loss overall:

  • Re-draw the loss status on computer and consider the extent of loss all works
  • Re-draw the cracked in details to assess the dangerous status of each structure parts;
  • To define the dangerous extent of house structures according to VN construction standard.


Determine the cause of loss:

  • Based on the evidences collected at the scene and the parties’s testimony, we will determine the cause of damage correctly.
  • For the building the, we will base on the construction solutions, interrelation of position between the damaged works and available around works, durability of structure and condition of damage to determine the cause of loss;
  • In case of necessary, we take sample and test some parts of construction to clear the cause of loss.


To propose the repair measure, determine the value of loss and allocation of loss:

  • Based on the current damages, we will calculate and design the appropriate solutions to put them return at the first time the loss happened.
  • We have enough practised certification to design the repair solutions according to State policies
  • SICO will calculate and allocate the loss to the parties suitably in case of necessity.