Monday, 19/03/2018 -
Inspection of commercial - Import and export goods inspection
- Inspection objects:
+ To inspect the specification, quality, quantity-weight, packing and marking of various kind of commodities.
+ Inspection on condition, technical parameter, securing, stowing.

- Survey standards:
+ VietNam standards (TCVN), ISO, IP, BSI, ASTM.
+ Quality standards specified in the export / import contract / bill of lading.

  1. Inspection (goods) NPK fertilizer at Tien Sa Port in Da Nang
  2. Wet rice expertise in ship Duc Cuong 39 - Da Nang
  3. Inspection of imported timber in the port of Da Nang
  4. Assessment of iron in Da Nang

- Our services of goods inspection consist of:

+ Agriculture, aquiculture & food stuffs products: rice, corn, coffee, bean/pepper, cashew nut, raw cotton, animal feed, various kinds of wood, medical herb, essential oil, seafood products, sugar, milk, confectionery and various kinds of food…

+ Handicraft raw material & consume: Handicraft products (embroidery, lacquer; rattan/bamboo products; wood/stone statuary; pottery…and consume products (garment, footgear, leather/rubber products; interior wooden furniture for family/office; electronics products).

+ Industrial products: Equipment line of ready-assembly synchronized; single equipment/machinery; car, electric/electronic devices.

+ Mineral products: Gasoline, Steel, Cement, fertilizer, ore…


- Inspection services:

+ In the warehouse & before forwarding: Inspection of arrange/maintain goods; specification, quality, quantity-weight, condition, packing, marking.

+ In the process of forwarding & transportion: Supervision on the during discharging at the ship, checking the means of transport, supervision the transport from port to warehouse and conversely; supervision on loading/discharging at the container.

+ Survey in the storage of construction (for industry products): Inspection the extent of damage & determination of cause happened before delivery in the storage of construction, inspection on detail quantity, supervision on the process of installation/trail run/acceptance/guarantee.