Monday, 19/03/2018 -
Survey and Loss adjustment as per policy - Loss adjustment and survey on cargo

SICO provides the services of adjustment and survey on cargo, including:

  • Imported – Exported commodity.
  • Inland transport goods.

  1. Hoa Khanh Textile Corporation
  2. Damage assessment papers at Company in Da Nang
  3. Evaluation assets (timber, workshops) at Duc Toan
  4. Timber inspections at Dai Thanh Company
  5. Paper Hiep Phat
  6. Damage assessment Beer in Quang Tri

a) Imported – Exported cargo: SICO provides the services of Loss adjustment and survey with the risks that happened on board during the voyage, loading or discharging:

- Stranding; Grounding; Sinking; Capsizing.
- Collision of ship with another ship or strange objects on the sea/river.
- Fire or Explosion.
- Discharging of cargo at the port of refuge.
- General average allocation.
- Jettison.
- Seawater/river water/rain water entering the ship/holds/container/place of storage.
- Total loss due to cargo fall out of the ship while loading/discharging.
- Other Risks.


b. Inland transport cargo: SICO provides the services of loss adjustment and survey on cargo by any risks happened to means of goods transportation (transported by land/railway/waterway) in the territory in Vietnam, consist of risks:

- Fire or explosion .
- Typhoon/flood/cyclone/lightning.
- Means of conveyance were sunk/capsized/Grounded/Run off the line.
- Means of conveyance were collided with each another or with another objects.
- Plants/bridge/tunnel and other structures were broken.
- General average sacrifice.
- Other Risks.